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  1. I'm a first time user. I installed it in N800 and downloaded a dict. I put the folder (with 3 files after unpacking) in the /media/mmc2/stardict/dic. I started StarDict but it can't find it!

    How can I make it work? Thanks.

  2. When I open StarDict, it shows "Warning! No dictionary is loaded. Please go to ... " There is no dictionary listed in the Manage Dictionaries dialog.

  3. The 3 files should be under the dict folder. For example, the dict 'stardict-langdao-ec-gb-2.4.2', after unpacking, the directory and files should be


  4. Yes, they are. Actually the dictionary I loaded is:

  5. I download this dict and test it on my N800. It works fine. Maybe the dict files are corrupt for some reason, eg. disk is full.

  6. May be you are right. I download and unpack the dictionary again and it now works. Thanks for your assistance.

  7. 没有字典时可以运行程序,我吧字典文件放到/media/mmc1/stardict/dic/目录下后,再运行就会出错。在命令行运行出现如下错误:
    Nokia-N800-26:~# stardict
    stardict[2176]: GLIB CRITICAL ** Gtk - gtk_label_set_text: assertion `GTK_IS_LAB EL (label)' failed
    stardict[2176]: GLIB CRITICAL ** Gtk - gtk_progress_bar_pulse: assertion `GTK_IS _PROGRESS_BAR (pbar)' failed
    Sorting, please wait...
    stardict[2176]: GLIB CRITICAL ** Gtk - gtk_label_set_text: assertion `GTK_IS_LAB EL (label)' failed
    stardict[2176]: GLIB CRITICAL ** Gtk - gtk_progress_bar_pulse: assertion `GTK_IS _PROGRESS_BAR (pbar)' failed

  8. 楼主您好,本人刚买了一个N800, 安装了STARDICT 也下载了一些字典,但是根本不知道如何安装字典, 也不是很理解大家讨论的一些目录 比如\MMC1\SHARE...什么的, 我根本在N800里面找不到这样的命令输入。请问怎么才能解决字典安装的问题。。谢谢, 希望得到您的帮会组和提示, 您可以用邮件形式发给我,我可以打电话咨询 。 takarahua@hotmail.com hua-shen@uiowa.edu

  9. 如果对linux不熟悉的话,你可以在windows下用7-zip解压缩字典包,复制到你的存储卡上。存储卡上事先建好目录 stardict\dic\

  10. Hi wolfg,

    我一直很想能在770上用到stardict,无奈我遇到如下的bug。 之前在51nb上发过的,现在这里自己顶一下。。。

    Device: 770
    OS版本: 2007 hacker


    我收集到的错误信息如下 (三类):

    词典:只装了CDICT5英汉辞典 , wordcount 57510

    (1) 键入"a" , 或者"bu", 错误如下:

    bookname: CDICT5英汉辞典 , wordcount 57510
    Segmentation fault

    (2) 键入"yel", "pr", 或者"cont",错误如下:

    bookname: CDICT5英汉辞典 , wordcount 57510
    stardict: dictziplib.cpp:473: void dictData::read(char*, long unsigned int, long unsigned int): Assertion `count == this->chunkLength' failed.

    (3) 键入"pla", 有个warning (程序此时不自动退出,但是由pla起头的单词已经找不着了)

    bookname: CDICT5英汉辞典 , wordcount 57510
    stardict[1397]: GLIB WARNING ** default - Invalid markup string: Error on line 8 char 9: Invalid UTF-8 encoded text

    我自己也玩编程的,如果可以,请加我到develop group里,这样我可以帮忙debug一下造福770友。。。 ^_^

  11. 师兄,好久不见,今天查东西没想到逛到你这来了,收藏下。请教一下,N800有没有在LINUX下运行的模拟器?

  12. hi Wolfg
    After reading your article about Stardict in Nokia N800 in forum of http://www.51nb.com, absolutely cool :)

    i have some question now.

    If i have a user-define-dictionary with a uncommon language, such as translating English to Thai or Lao.

    I build the dict with English and Lao Unicode FONT. Could it will be display correctly or not in N800.

    Could you do me a favor to test it if I send you my dict by email?

    Eagerly hope your reply?



  13. Thank you very much for your amazing work.

    My question is how to display the IPA (phonetic alphabet) correctly. I know maybe I should install some font (e.g. DoulosSILR), but if I use them, I think I could not use English-Chinese dictionary. Any suggestion? Thank you

  14. 音标问题在安装DoulosSILR字体后已解决,谢谢!

    另一个问题: 我安装了语音文件,也能在n810的程序界面看到并点击那个齿轮按钮,但没有声音出现,在命令行执行

    1. stardict-wav-play.sh abandon.wav 返回
    method return sender=:1.9 -> dest=:1.38

    2. stardict-wav-play.sh /media/mmc2/WyabdcRealPeopleTTS/abandon.wav 收到
    method return sender=:1.9 -> dest=:1.41

    3.stardict-wav-play.sh /media/mmc2/WyabdcRealPeopleTTS/a/abandon.wav 收到
    method return sender=:1.9 -> dest=:1.42


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