19 Replies to “Please help me to test scim for N800”

  1. 1. 可以安装。
    2. 在输入框点击,新的键盘可以出来。按键可以输入英文字母,不会有中文转换或显示。
    3. 右边X上面的按键没有图片,不知是什么,点击没有作用。X点击可以关闭VKB键盘显示。
    4. 不知如何进入设置界面;
    5. 全屏幕状态也可以显示新的VKB。


  2. 装上了,经过设置后,一切正常!谢谢wolfg的努力!N800用户终于可以享受SCIM了!


  3. 谢谢!真正要感谢的是MaemoCJK项目和开源的力量!
    (我用 770上回复的) :)

  4. there are some problems:
    1. sometimes, the scim toolbar will lost and not appear any more.
    2. it seems system becomes to be slow and application startup time will take much time than before.(after this package is installed)
    3. loadapplet often displays full cpu load when in chinese input mode.
    4. cursor positioning and text selection seem to be of problem(slow, can not move sometimes, can not select sometimes).
    5. display area of current cursor position scroll up to outside of screen display.
    6. cursor sometimes position to the up one or two line.
    7. setting interface with some item can not displayed or overlapped.
    8. selection table display positioning problem: sometimes disapear when move, mask some text of input document or vkb display.

    9. prefer the original nokia vkb system can easily get when needed.
    10.prefer the uninstall can uninstall all related compnents (not have to uninstall manually one by one.

    (anyway, it is a great work. thank you, guoyong)

    (written on n800. as scim toolbar disapear, i can not input chinese.)

  5. 到底怎么设置的呀?在设置窗口里面点击选择了智能拼音,还是出不来,再进去设置又是没有选择上。

  6. 又重启了一次,终于出来了,用上了,效果还不错。

  7. 用了,输入很不错,比maemo cjk里面的uim反应速度要快。
    btw: 看来国内internet tablet 的玩家还是不错呢 :)

  8. hi, after i have installed the scim software. the original keyboard was replaced by a plain 1. the thumbboard and handwriting doesnt work anymore. is this normal? whenever i tried to start 'teach handwriting', an internal error message pops out.

  9. 本人安装了maemocjk中文输入,但显示不出中文。那位先生能指点本人如何在启用cjk内的smart pinyin后,使中文的输入法显示。先谢了。

    I have installed the maemocjk, but I don't know how to bring out the Chinese smart pinyin to the screen. I hope someone would help me. Thanks.

  10. 浏览器 里可以显示中文也可以输入

    但NOTES 里不能显示中文

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